Video tutorials: how to run calculation using Python, R, C++, Octave and Blender in FlyElephant


A couple of weeks ago, our team released a new update of FlyElephant - a platform for scientists, providing a computing infrastructure for calculations, helping to find partners for the collaboration on projects, and managing all data from one place.

The Azure cloud is used as a computational resource. Users can run computing tasks written in C++ (with support for OpenMP), R, Python, Octave, Scilab, Java, Julia, OpenFOAM, GROMACS, Blender on servers from 1 to 32 cores and up to 448 GB of RAM.

Today we want to share some video tutorials on how to run tasks using FlyElephant. We prepared individual videos on how to run computing tasks written in C++, R, Python, Octave and render images using the Blender.

How to run calculation using C/C++

How to run calculation using R

How to run calculation using Python

How to run calculation using Octave

How to run rendering image using Blender (upload file)

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