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TalentSprint is organizing a course on artificial intelligence and machine learning using FlyElephant platform and AWS

Education, Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are closer as never before owing to the program from TalentSprint and solution provided by FlyElephant platform
Executive summary
Being an India's leading Career Accelerator for Youth, TalentSprint provides them a technology-driven platform for self-development. TalentSprint has encountered a challenging task after launching a new educational program called Foundations of AI/ML. The program required a simultaneous access for 500+ students to the lab work using Jupyter Notebook, GPU and all study materials.

FlyElephant provided a customized solution adapted to the TalentSprint platform's objectives along with the domain name located on AWS VPC. As a result, the students had a simultaneous, not interrupted access to all study materials. They could also do the lab works in Jupyter Notebook and develop their models with GPU. The entire education program was constantly under a caring and professional watch of the FlyElephant specialists.

As an outcome, the package solution provided by FlyElephant allowed to save the costs for AWS by offering the On-Demand instances. TalentSprint tech specialists have saved time as 90% of administrative and technical support cases were resolved by FlyElephant team.
About TalentSprint
TalentSprint is a new-age digital platform created for all proficiency levels - from young to experienced professionals, who strive for continuous growth and education. Its hybrid bootcamps, along with the AI-powered digital platform allow people to accelerate in their career and get to an entirely new level.

Talent Sprint is funded by such giants as Nexus Venture partners and the National Skill Development. The company aims to empower ONE MILLION professionals by 2020.

TalentSprint offers various educational programs for IT specialists from different companies to let them learn new technologies or increase their expertise. A new education program called Foundations of AI/ML required a platform capable to train more than 500 students simultaneously with a possibility to do the lab works via Jupyter Notebook, access to GPU as well as to other study materials.

The additional requirements to the platform were the following:
  • Possibility to set weekly time limit of the study period for each student;
  • Weekly report about time usage of each student;
  • The storage space should contain one folder for the lecturers through which study materials can be distributed among all students;
  • Jupyter Notebook should function with CPUU instances;
  • GPU can be used only during the time of model training;
  • Every student needs to have a possibility to launch an individual instance with all the libraries required (without sharing it with anybody);
  • Priority support throughout the entire program.
FlyElephant has adapted the platform for the specific objectives of TalentSprint and located it on AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with a special domain name.

As a result, students received non-interrupted access to all study materials via FlyElephant platform, which was integrated with ownCloud. The latter one used a separate EC2 instance with large volume storage on Amazon EBS.

Lecturers received a special folder for the study materials storage which was instantly accessible to all students.

Furthermore, a separate image was created for the program which contained Jupyter Notebook and other libraries, such as TensorFlow, theano, Pandas, OpenCV, Keras, Matplotlib and more. At the same time, the students had a possibility to launch, pause or delete any working environments from FlyElephant platform, which were developed on the base of the image and EC2 M5 instances, to which the storage disk was automatically mounted.

The models' training was conducted on the base of EC2 P2 instances with a use of GPU and only required the name of Jupyter Notebook file and directory location. Every new training jobs were created in a separate instance.

All necessary and timely updates of the libraries throughout the entire education program together with administering and tech support functions were fully covered by FlyElephant team.
TalentSprint received a reliable solution in a form of the platform provided by FlyElephant, together with the tech team, CPU/GPU instances and large storage space of AWS, which works on-demand basis. The program can easily accommodate more than 500 students who were able to get an instant access to all study materials and start their learning process without any possible delays (e.g. setting working environment). Furthermore, the team of TalentSprint has reduced their usual workload required for supporting their educational programs by 90%. FlyElephant has taken an administering and tech support function. As a result, all parties were deeply satisfied with the solution provided by FlyElephant, as it covered all technical aspects, included contribution of staff and offered reliable resources for smooth education process.

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