FlyElephant for Data Science

Platform to automate the processes of the creation, deployment, and maintenance of data science tasks in your company. FlyElephant offers different functions in one place for the needs of your data scientists and it helps to add value to its time:


Computing resources

  • Public Clouds
  • HPC Clusters
  • Local Resources

Ready-computing infrastructure

  • Full ssh access
  • Remote desktop
  • Notebooks & IDE

Jobs running

  • Models training
  • Use models as a API
  • Job Scheduling

Collaboration & Sharing

  • Create projects
  • Share the results
  • Be part of the community

We Support

FlyElephant supports different programming languages, data sources and the tools that you already use:

Computing resources

Data scientists can get quick access to different —Āomputing resources from one place:

  • We support work with public clouds like as Azure, AWS, etc.
  • We collaborate with HPC centers and data-centers in USA and Europe and provide access to their special hardware clusters: GPU, FPGA, infiniband, etc.
  • Data scientists can use FlyElephant locally on their private computing resource. Please contact us to learn more details.

Ready-computing infrastructure

With one click data scientists can get their own software environment and the computing resources that they need.

  • Data scientists can create their environment with full ssh access.
  • Data scientists can use remote desktop to work with full desktop applications.
  • We support Jupyter, which data scientists can run online and immediately start preparing their experiments.

Jobs running

We automate routine data science tasks and help to add value to the users time.

  • Data scientists can automatically build and improve their models in the environment that they need.
  • Data scientists can deploy models as an API without engineers or DevOps and use it as a backend for their system.
  • Data scientists can set a work schedule for computing tasks, and get results automatically when they need them.

Collaboration & Sharing

We help data science teams to work efficiently.

  • You can create public and private projects, invite colleagues to join them.
  • You can share the calculation results with your colleagues.
  • You can be part of our expert community and help each other to solve data science problems.

Technical support and consulting

FlyElephant Team, our partner companies and individual experts can help your company to solve any data science issues. Please contact us to learn more details.

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