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DataScience Lab (ex AI&BigData Lab), an annual technical conference that brings together researchers, engineers and developers working with Data Science.

It offers a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with professionals and to discuss the latest news in machine learning, natural language processing, pattern recognition and other aspects of data analysis. Topics of the conference range from practical implementation of research results to the latest theory developments.
Victor Sarapin
CEO at V.I.Tech
20 years in IT industry by now, starting from C++ programming through design and development of distributed applications and math modelling, evangelizing integral view on human-and-technology challenges and amazing great things that happen in current IT industry.
Interested in AI and self-organizing systems, parallel computing (GP GPU computing), computer languages studies (DSL works are of special interest), knowledge management. In problem domains lean more towards healthcare IT and biotech.
Own diploma in Theoretical Physics/Condensed Matter Physics and use a minute to keep up in free time.
Sergey Shelpuk
Head of Data Science Office at Eleks
Artificial intelligence and data science enthusiast, was managing data science directions in several companies, lecturing machine learning class at CS@UCU.
Stepan Pushkarev
GM (Kazan) at Provectus / CTO at
Stepan Pushkarev is a hands-on CTO and technology entrepreneur. He spent 13 years in the software industry working in consulting engagements as an engineer, architect and CTO. Besides, he has co-founded 2 product startups so far. At, Stepan is responsible for product vision, sales strategy, architecture. Over and above, he is still involved in development.
Terpil Ievgen
Data Scientists at YouScan
Oleksiy Kravchenko
Senior Data Scientist at Zoral Labs
ML practitioner with multi-year experience in remote sensing, image processing and GIS, Ph.D.
Juantomás García
Data Solutions Manager, OpenSistemas
Dmytro Bielievtsov
Techlead at IBDI
Working mainly with data processing and a bit of data science. In the free time, I like to play around with ML algorithms for speech processing. Also, lately I've been looking into deep neural networks for speech generation.
Oleksandr Saienko
Software Engineer at SoftServe/CISCO
Oleksandr Saienko - PhD in telecom field - was involved in studying machine learning for wireless network optimization. Has over 10 years of experience in top telecom companies (UMC, MTS Ukraine, CISCO).
Dmitry Nowicki
Researcher at IMMSP NASU
Expert in AI, ML, Neural Networks, Ph. D. in Applied Mathematics from Toulouse univ Paul Sabatier, Dimitri has experience both of academic and industrial project in several countries.
Pavel Khudan
NLP Engineer at YouScan
Vitalii Koshura
Software Developer at Lohika
Engineer with 5+ years of commercial, and 8+ years of overall development experience.
Expertise in C/C++, C#, Delphi, OpenCV, MSSQL, MySQL, Windows, Linux
Certified C# Specialist
Mamed Khalilov
CEO & Founder at Morbax HR
Since 2010 - outsource management companies of web development companies. During last 2 years start to develop my own projects. Upgrade my knowledge's in HR software development with help of Deep Learning & Machine Learning, study on data scientist and work closely with Product Development & Business.
Olha Romaniuk
Data Scientist at Eleks
Participated in several computer vision projects that used different types of deep neural networks implemented with TensorFlow.
Darina Peremot
ML Engineer at SynergyOne
Implementing machine learning in AdTech start-up.
Olga Tataryntseva
Data Scientist at Eleks
Maksym Bevza
Research Engineer at Grammarly
I'm interested in mathematics, programming and their very successful combination - Machine Learning. I'm working on improving grammatical error correction that Grammarly provides, using modern methods of statistical and deep machine learning.
DataScience Lab 2017

Conference Program Board Members
Dmitry Spodarets (Ukraine)
CEO & Founder at FlyElephant
Founder and CEO at FlyElephant, a lecturer at Odessa National Polytechnic University, and a researcher at the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University. Organizer of various international technical conferences in Ukraine.
Andrei Lopatenko (USA)
Director of Engineering at Recruit Institute of Technology
Andrei Lopatenko got PhD Degree in Computer Science from the University of Manchester, UK. He has been developing search, natural language understanding technologies in Google, Apple, Walmart Labs, RIT.
Oleksandr Romanko (Canada)
Senior Research Analyst, Risk Analytics at IBM Canada; Adjunct Professor at University of Toronto and Ukrainian Catholic University
Sergey Shelpuk (Ukraine)
Head of Data Science at Eleks
Artificial intelligence and data science enthusiast, was managing data science directions in several companies, lecturing machine learning class at CS@UCU
Artem Chernodub (Ukraine)
Chief R&D Officer at Clikque Technology

Dmitry Spodarets
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