FlyElephant platform for Engineering Simulation
We help to accelerate the tasks of Engineering Simulation and support the efficiency of Engineering Teams.
In the Cloud or on your Server
You can use the FlyElephant platform in the cloud, or install the FlyElephant Box on your private computing resource and use it locally. If you are using a local version, you can get quick access to extra computing resources through the FlyElephant cloud platform without any additional complicated settings.
Ready-computing infrastructure
You can get quick access to different Clouds (Azure, AWS, etc.) or HPC clusters from one place and with one click get the software and the computing resources that you need for your work. We support different:
  • Computing resources with CPU, GPU, FPGA, etc.
  • Languages: C/C++, Python, Java, Scala, Julia, etc.
  • Tools and libraries: OpenFOAM, Octave, PyFR, Scilab, GROMACS, MATLAB, Intel MKL, FlowVision, ANSYS, COMSOL, AVL, Altair, etc.
Notebooks & Remote desktops
We support Jupyter, which you can run online and immediately start preparing your experiments. Also, you can use remote desktop to work with Full Desktop Applications.
Fast Deployment & Job Scheduling
With FlyElephant’s API, you can deploy computing tasks as APIs with one click and use FlyElephant’s platform as your backend computing system. Update your computing tasks with no downtime of your system.

You can set a work schedule for your computing tasks, and get results automatically and when you need them.
Collaboration & Sharing
You can create public and private projects, invite colleagues to join them and share the calculation results within the projects. Everyone can join a public project and contribute to its solution.
Expert Community
Our partner companies and individual experts will help you solve any of your issues.

Our community of experts consists of data scientists, engineers, developers and specialists of different domains.