GPU Dedicated Servers

Get powered multi-GPU dedicated servers to speed up the computing
of AI, Deep Learning and other HPC tasks.

Multi-GPU Dedicated Servers in FlyElephant

We provide access to dedicated servers with up to 16 GPUs per server.

NVIDIA GTX 1080 / TI is your choice for solving a wide range of problems using CUDA libraries that do not require calculations with double precision.

NVIDIA Tesla P100 / V100 is a professional card for solving AI and HPC problems for calculations that require double precision, tensor cores or big GPU memory.

FlyElephant is a all-in-one automated workflow platform,
which helps you:

Fast start with Zero Setup
FlyElephant platform includes a large collection of pre-bundled software that will save you configuration time on the server.
Time saving with Process Automation
Focus on experiments and results avoiding grunt work like building, monitoring, running and scaling.
Top class Support
Working with FlyElephant means always to have access to experts who understand your needs and can resolve your problems quickly.

Our Servers

We get the best offers across the market to save your time
and provide access to Multi-GPU Dedicated Servers from a single-place.
2 x GPU
4 x GPU
8 x GPU
10 x GPU
16 x GPU
2x NVIDIA GTX 1080
from $199 / week
  • up to 10x GPUs per node
  • 2 x 8Gb GDDR5x
  • 2 x 2560 CUDA cores
  • Intel Xeon E5-1630v4 3.7 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 480 GB SSD
    40 Gbps Port
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2x NVIDIA Tesla P100
from $699/ week
  • up to 16x GPUs per node
  • 2 x 16Gb HBM2
  • 2 x 3584 CUDA cores
  • 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 2.2 GHz, 128 GB RAM, 960 GB SSD
    40 Gbps Port
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2x NVIDIA Tesla V100
from $999 / week
  • up to 16x GPUs per node
  • 2 x 16Gb HBM2
  • 2 x 5120 CUDA cores
  • 2 x 640 Tensor cores
  • 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 2.2 GHz, 128 GB RAM, 960 GB SSD
    40 Gbps Port
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What more you will get with the server

Dedicated Hardware
With root access to multi-GPU server, you control the computing power of your entire platform. No virtualization and no sharing means that all the GPUs drive your applications with world-class speed.
Save on Capital Costs
Lease only what you need when you want it and scale it up or down as needed, saving on security and capital costs for equipment and on-prem data center space and maintenance.
FlyElephant platforms are located in world class industry leading data centers with certified cybersecurity. Your access is always available and your data is always protected and secure.
Request our Security and Reliability Document.
Server settings
  • Linux or Windows host system
  • 1 Gbps Internet connection
  • 1 IPv4/IPv6 address included and possible add more
  • 2.5 Tb/week internet traffic included
What our customers say about us
"We checked multiple providers online for a solution to run our AI-ML programs and we found FlyElephant has most complete and cost effective solution for both GPU and CPU instances. The support from the team was absolutely top class. We used their services for a small program of 30 participants and have decided to use them for much bigger programs with 300-500 participants."
Jitendra Singh
SVP, Tech | TalentSprint
"FlyElephant provides an excellent opportunity to find a tailor-made solution for machine learning and neural networks. Here you can always get access to cutting-edge GPUs in the desired configuration for memory-intensive tasks.

I also would like to thank the team for friendship and support, it's a great pleasure to work with them!"
Dmitry Nowicki
Associate Research Professor institute Cybernetics | NASUP
"We used FlyElephant as a cloud proxy service during the Machine Learning Winter School at the Ukrainian Catholic University. The school's participants needed to run highly loaded computations on the virtual machines with GPUs.

FlyElephant team and their CEO Dmitry Spodarets did a great job. They supported participants and different issues on the fly. Them great success!"
Oleksii Molchanovskyi
Data Science Academic Program Director | The Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, UA.
"FlyElephant's services fuel two of our projects. First, our dockerized spark cluster is hosted on their ready-to-use linux swarm cloud. Their support is super helpful in setting up images and solving intergraion problems with external systems.

Second, our deep learning algorithms are powered by FlyElephan's GPU instances, which come packed with a bunch of popular libraries. And all of these goodies come at a great price!"
Dmytro Bielievtsov
Techlead | IBDI