Process Automation

Focus on what matters, and we will help you
automate grunt work and save your time.

Unlock innovation by experimenting 10x faster.
Running Jobs
Specify initial data and required computing resources to run Jobs, and our platform will perform it and deliver the result to you.
Scale vertically
Scale up your hardware with one click. FlyElephant automatically spins resources down when they're no longer in use, preventing extra costs.
Scale horizontally
Save time by running Jobs in parallel and do not worry that you will not have enough computing resources.
Deploying the infrastructure
Get the cluster with required configuration and required software just in a few clicks.
Deploying the Jobs (Preview)
Deploy your trained models and algorithms without DevOps and use them as REST APIs.
Workflow of Jobs (Coming Soon)
Create a workflow of Jobs, and our platform will monitor how it is running.
Automatic Versioning (Coming Soon)
We save all versions of Jobs, code, environments, parameters and results for exact reproducibility.
Massively parallel computing (Coming Soon)
Run Job with different parameters in parallel, and FlyElephant will automatically help you find the best result available.

FlyElephant platform interface