FlyElephant Platform
Cloud computing
With one click, users can start their computing tasks, specify only the software and the computing resources that they need. FlyElephant supports:
  • VM and Docker in public and private clouds: Azure, AWS, OpenStack, etc.
  • Languages and tools: C/C++, Python, Java, Scala, Julia, R, Hadoop, Spark, H2O, Anaconda, Tensorflow, Octave, OpenFOAM, PyFR, Scilab, GROMACS, Blender, etc.
HPC computing
FlyElephant provides quick access to different HPC clusters and helps users to send their computing tasks to them. For now, the platform support has access to 3 clusters and it can work with SLURM. We will add more clusters in the future.
Notebooks & IDE
FlyElephant supports Jupyter and RStudio, which users can run online and immediately start their experiments. If you need other Notebooks or IDE, please let us know and we will add it very quickly.
Desktops & Servers
For remote access to applications that require a desktop, FlyElephant supports VNC. Also, users can start a virtual server and get full access to it.
FlyElephant has storage capacity, which is based on ownCloud. Users can easily synchronize their data between our platform and their computers.
Users can create public and private projects, invite colleagues to join them and share the calculation results within the projects. Everyone can join a public project and contribute to its solution.
We are building a community of partner companies and individual experts, which can help solving any issues of our customers.

Our community of experts consists of data scientists, engineers, developers and specialists of different domains.