FlyElephant Platform Overview

FlyElephant is a platform for data scientists, engineers and researchers that accelerates their work and improves their business with automated Data Science and Engineering Simulation.
Computing resources
You can get quick access to different Clouds or HPC clusters from one place.
Ready-computing infrastructure
With one click you get the software and the computing resources that you need.
Collaboration & Sharing
Create projects, invite colleagues to join them and share the results within the projects.
Fast Deployment
Deploy your computing tasks as APIs without engineering or DevOps.
Expert Community
Our partner companies and individual experts will help you solve any of your issues.
Programming Languages and Tools Support
FlyElephant platform supports different programming languages, data sources and tools that you already use.
FlyElephant Cloud
Cloud platform that helps to accelerate the tasks of Data Scientists and Engineers and supports the efficiency of Teams. Please learn more details about our solutions for:
FlyElephant Box
You can use the FlyElephant Box locally on your private computing resource. If you are using a local version, you can get quick access to extra computing resources through the FlyElephant cloud platform without any additional complicated settings.

Apply to the beta program for be among the first ones to try it. FlyElephant Box will be available in a closed beta at the beginning of 2017.

FlyElephant Enterprise
Please contact us to learn more about all benefits of FlyElephant Platform for SMB and Enterprise companies.
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