Building Machine Learning Models

Just with a few clicks get a fully configured CPU or GPU environment
with Machine Learning frameworks and tools.

Zero Setup

FlyElephant includes pre-bundled popular machine learning frameworks that allow you get started right away and enabling you to quickly push ideas into realization.

Do Data Science, not DevOps, and go 10X faster.

How it works

Just 3 steps to get a fully configured CPU or GPU environment.
Choose software
You can use the most popular open source frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNet, Chainer, Torch, Theano, and others.
Choose hardware
You can use servers with up to 4 TB of RAM and 128 cores, or up to 16x GPUs like Nvidia Tesla V100, Tesla P100, Tesla K80, GeForce GTX 1080 TI.
Get your ready environment
In a few seconds your environment will be ready and you can use it through web tools like Jupyter, or connect via ssh.


Speed & Power
Start running your project in less than 30 sec on the ready environment with the necessary software and powered CPU and multi-GPU servers.
Saving costs
FlyElephant automatically spins resources down when they're no longer in use, preventing extra costs.
The intuitive web-based interface allows anyone to interact with a very powerful platform.
Top class Support
Working with FlyElephant means always to have access to experts who understand your needs and can resolve your problems quickly.
How to get a ready environment with Jupyter and TensorFlow in FlyElephant
Supported Software
If you're not seeing what you're looking for, please contact us.
What our customers say about us
FlyElephant provides an excellent opportunity to find a tailor-made solution for machine learning and neural networks. Here you can always get access to cutting-edge GPUs in the desired configuration for memory-intensive tasks.

I also would like to thank the team for friendship and support, it's a great pleasure to work with them!
Dmitry Nowicki
Associate Research Professor institute Cybernetics | NASUP
We used FlyElephant as a cloud proxy service during the Machine Learning Winter School at the Ukrainian Catholic University. The school's participants needed to run highly loaded computations on the virtual machines with GPUs.

FlyElephant team and their CEO Dmitry Spodarets did a great job. They supported participants and different issues on the fly. Them great success!
Oleksii Molchanovskyi
Data Science Academic Program Director | The Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, UA.