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Your Home for High Performance Computing
FlyElephant is a platform for data scientists, engineers and scientists, which provides a ready-computing infrastructure for high-performance computing and rendering. It helps to find partners to work together on projects, as well as it can manage all resources from one place.
Computing resources
Quick access to different computing resources: multi-core systems, GRID, HPC and GPU clusters. Available Azure virtual machines from 1 to 32 cores and up to 448 GB RAM.
Software and Tools
Access to different tools, algorithms, data and templates in one place. Available: C++, R, Python, Octave, Scilab, Java, Julia, OpenFOAM, GROMACS, Blender.
Data management
The platform contains own data store, which can be connected using the SMB, and allows to connect external storage and manage all data from one place.
You can work together with the team on one project, save the data and discuss the results in one place, as well as search for partners to collaborate on the projects.
FlyElephant infrastructure is hosted and managed within Azure data centers, which have been accredited under: SOC1 / SOC2, ISO / IEC 27001, ISO / IEC 27018, EU Model Clauses and others. Data transfer is provided by SSL certificates.
With API you can easily interact with FlyElephant platform, automate research processes and use all features of the platform for your external solutions.
Use cases
For scientists
Scientists can quickly get access to ready-computing infrastructure for scientific computing, simulation, data analysis, rendering, and other tasks, as well as find partners for collaborative projects.
For companies and universities
Companies and universities can expand their computing resources, as well as search for scientists and developers for joint implementation of their projects.
For developers
Developers can help scientists and companies with the implementation of their projects, adding their software, algorithms and templates to FlyElephant, as well as develop new solutions based on FlyElephant platform.
Base package
  • VM up to 32CPU / 448GB RAM
  • C++, R, Python, Octave, Scilab
  • Storage 100 GB for free
  • 500 сomputing hours for your first computing
Standard package
coming soon
Pro package
coming soon
Academic researcher or student. Contact us about FlyElephant for Academia
Public research project. Contact us about FlyElephant for Public research.
Price as low as $0.02/core/hour
Coming soon
Included in core price
Price as low as $0,10/GB
Community of experts, project collaboration and other updates on the FlyElephant platform
JULY 26, 2016
The FlyElephant team is happy to announce the release of the platform FlyElephant 2.0, with following updates: internal expert community, collaboration on projects, public tasks, Docker and Jupyter support, a new file storage system and work with HPC clusters...
Upcoming Events
Salt Lake City, November 11-12, 2016
Intel HPC Developer Conference
Salt Lake City, November 12-13, 2016
SC16 Conference
Salt Lake City, November 13-18, 2016