All-in-one automated workflow platform

FlyElephant helps to prototype, run and scale data science models
and engineering simulations on-premise or in the cloud to deliver the best results faster.

The next level of productivity and performance

Computing Resource

We provide quick access from one place to Azure, AWS, HPC clusters and special high-performance GPU like Tesla P100, Tesla K80, Tesla M60, DGX-1, GTX1080, GTX1080Ti, etc.

You can easily choose the best type of computing resources to solve your tasks faster and more efficiently.

Processes Automation

We help automatically train, scale and deploy models as an API build, compute, analyze and scale HPC simulation.

You can focus on your work, as we will help you get more time by automating processes of a life cycle and run multiple experiments in parallel to get the result faster.

Ready Environments

We have the repository of ready images with popular software and we automate processes of creation, deployment, and maintenance of their work environments.

You can select software and computing resource that you need and get a ready work environment with one click.


We facilitate sharing knowledge amongst team members and onboarding new users much faster.

You can create public and private projects, invite colleagues to join them and share calculation results with your colleagues.

How FlyElephant can help you

FlyElephant provides high-performance CPU and GPU instances for Data Scientists, in one Click help to get environments with frameworks and tools: Jupyter, Tensorflow, Spark, scikit-learn, etc..

We also automate processes of training, scaling and deploying models as an API to save time and focus on science.

FlyElephant helps speed up engineering simulations by providing remote desktop with access to high-performance computing hardware with fully configured software: OpenFOAM, ANSYS, COMSOL, SOLIDWORKS, etc.

Also Engineers can launch complex simulations on HPC clusters to speed up a calculation.

How FlyElephant can help you

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